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This functionality is available to 'Admin' users.

Order & Out manages your customer communications for you!

The system will be set up for automatic emails to be sent to you and your customer when the following actions are carried out:

  • Order Placed
  • Order Authorised
  • Order Declined
  • Order Despatched
  • Order Part-Despatched
  • Order Cancelled

There is also the option to add in an additional automatic email to let you know when a manual stock adjustment has occurred.

If you would like to add this select <Admin>, <System Emails>, then <Add New Email> 

You can make any of these email templates in-active, delete them completely or simply add additional recipients for specific emails by selecting <Admin>, then <System Emails> and by selecting <Edit> to the right of the email you want to change. You can add up to four additional email recipients.

NB: As Order & Out can be integrated with 3rd party logistics providers, the system can also generate emails to be sent to you relating to the delivery, for more information contact one of our team

Changing the Sender address for automated emails

If you want to change the Sender address for Order & Out you can do this from the "SMTP Settings" Page.

See How-To page for this below.

SMTP Settings